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The safest bioindicator in use worldwide!
Disinfection checks made uncomplicated and inexpensive.

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DES-CONTROLler Hygiene Testing Set

Simple and uncomplicated to use. You do not need a technician or laboratory specialist. The hygiene set contains everything you need to carry out a quick and accurate disinfection check of your devices.

How it´s works



You order the required amount of DES-CONTROLlers from us by email. You are welcome to simply tell us the number and type of machines to be tested: we will calculate the required quantity.


Device test

You will receive your DES-CONTROLler including instructions for use from us by DPD delivery and can now carry out the device test yourself. You do not need a technician or laboratory employee on site!


Evaluation & certificates

After the bioindicators have been sent back and have been analyzed in our specialized laboratory, you will receive your evaluation results and a hygiene certificate by email.

Additional safety for your company and your customers

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